When people say, “Stop watching the news, it’ll just make you depressed”, it really doesn’t sit right with me.

Yes, there is doom and gloom going on across the world. The cost of living crisis. Crime. Murder. Andrew Tate. It can all be a bit much.

But is blocking out what’s going on in the world really good for anyone? Can you actually go through life with your blinkers on, ignoring everything outside of your bubble?

‘The News’ is more than just another crime that’s been committed, another politician that has broken a rule or what’s costing more now than it did last week.

Journalism can entertain you, open your eyes, teach you something you didn’t know, offer you advice when you need it most, shine a light on important topics, bring people together, make you feel seen, make you laugh, make you cry.

Why would you want to give all of that up?

Whether you enjoy reading about the latest sports news or prefer an in-depth investigative feature, there’s something for everyone that goes beyond the 6 o’clock headlines.

Next time you advise someone to “turn off the news”, think about what news it is you’re referring to. There’s a big difference between The Tab and The Times.

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