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my services.

Pr & Communications

As a former Business Editor at a daily newspaper, I know exactly what journalists, editors and broadcasters are looking for in both written and visual content and what a business can do to ensure their content is used every time to promote it. I also know exactly what journalists don’t like and what mistakes not to make. Coming from a journalism background, I have another form of knowledge in the industry that publicists do not, as well as established relationships with local publications. My services, which include written, visual and multimedia content, cost a fraction of an in-house PR professional and will ensure success, every time.

Written Content

I provide compelling, eloquent and engaging content for my clients across a wide range of platforms, including online, print and social media. My services include:

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We get that there is a lot to take in, so if you have any questions please make sure to reach out. I would love to hear from you.


Words and pictures make a great team, but if they are boring to look at they won’t have as much engagement as possible. The visual aspect of all content is key to delivering a successful media package.

My creative and design services include:

Events Management

Events are a great way to build relationships with the people who matter most. Depending on your type of business, they can be a low-cost/cost-free way to build awareness and ‘hype’ around your brand

My events management services include: