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Having a big audience ≠ a successful business.

Sure having more eyes on your brand that you can sell to is good…

But it’s not the key to success.

One of the world’s most famous families, The Kardashians, have launched several companies – not all of them a success.

Despite their millions of followers, they’ve had businesses come and go over the years.

There was DASH – Kourtney, Kim and Khloe’s fashion store, which launched in 2006 and closed in 2018.

Picture: Getty

Picture: Getty

Kendall and Kylie followed in their older sisters’ footsteps by launching clothing brand Kendall + Kylie, but that didn’t last long either. There are still some items floating about, but it’s now being sold in Sport’s Direct, so…

Then there’s KKW Beauty – Kim’s cosmetics brand, which has since (kind of) rebranded into SKKN, a skincare brand.

Remember Kylie Swim? Me neither. The last drop was in 2022 with no further launches planned.

Credit: Kylie Swim

Photo credit: Kylie Swim

Surprisingly one of the longest-standing Kar-Jenner brands to still exist is Rob Kardashian’s sock brand, Arthur George.

My point here is that you shouldn’t chase followers. Following is great, but it’s nothing if all the other pieces of the puzzle aren’t fitting into place. You have to work on the foundations otherwise followers are absolutely pointless.

Good content, a good sales and marketing strategy, and a great team are worth WAY more than followers.

And most importantly, a strong community.

How do you build that? Let me do it for you 😉

Drop me an email if you want to get past the vanity metrics and start building a community through great content.

Hope 💗

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