Top tips to get the most out of Instagram

  1. Post at peak times
    Using insights will help you determine at which times your audience is most active and therefore most likely to see your content on their feed. To get the most out of your posts, it is important to figure out the peak time and post then.
  2. Utilise story features
    Using the many features available when posting a story to Instagram will enhance engagement, which will cause the algorithm to show your stories more often to people who engage. Create polls, Q&As, use the emoji slider tool or start a quiz – whatever it is, make people want to get involved.
  3. Create a ‘call to action’
    When posting on your grid, encourage people to comment on your post, as this will enhance engagement and cause your posts to appear further up for those people. Ask a question in your caption and ask people to comment their answer below
  4. Choose your bio wisely
    Your bio is the first thing people who come to your profile will see, so make it count. Make sure it points out as many of the five ‘W’s as possible, without being too wordy.
  5. Get to know your audience
    Within the insights feature on Instagram, you can determine the demographics of your audience and choose your content based on this. For example, if your audience is mainly made up of women, you may want to avoid posting about products for men. Likewise, if your audience is mainly from Portsmouth you may want to avoid posting about things that are based in London.
  6. Create a theme
    People are more likely to spend time on a page that is aesthetically pleasing, rather than one that is messy. Creating a distinctive look will help with audience engagement as well as branding.