Titchfield therapist publishes her own book – and reaches top 50 best sellers on first day

A THERAPIST has published a book to help other professionals – and it reached the top 50 best sellers within its first day.  

Deborah Lloyd, from Titchfield, has self-published her first book, The Secret to Being a Good Therapist: Looking After Yourself Whilst Looking After Others. 

The PTSD and trauma expert wrote the book to help other professionals within the health and wellness sector such as trauma therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, beauticians and more. 

The book gives people advice and guidance on self-employment and running a business as a therapist.  

It comprises chapters that cover all aspects of the profession, from confidentiality to networking, from marketing to dealing with Covid-19.

The 60-year-old, who runs The Spirit Within Therapy, has used the experience and knowledge she has built up over her 21-year career as a therapist to help others. 

She has been working on the book for the last two years and she typed it up during the first lockdown, but when work picked back up she put it on hold.

When the second lockdown hit she decided she would finally get it published.  

With the help of graphic designer, Chris Emery and illustrator, Emma Paxton, who worked on the visuals of the book, she published it onto Amazon herself on Sunday November 22. 

The book reached number 34 on the Business Coaching and Mentoring Skills list on Amazon within the first 24 hours of being published, but Deborah said she feared putting it out there as imposter syndrome snuck in. 

She said: ‘I suffered from imposter syndrome, which made me put it off for a while. I thought “who am I to write a book?”, but my friend said to me “who are you not to write a book?”, which really gave me the push to do it. 

‘I’m beaming from ear to ear now with the success it has already had and I’m so glad I did it.’ 

She said it has been a sentimental moment in her career and added: ‘My husband wanted to be the first person to buy a copy. When it arrived, we opened it together and it was just amazing to have the physical copy to hold in my hands. It’s like the hard work has paid off and it’s so worth it.’

Deborah is planning on hosting workshops to supplement the book once lockdown is over and guidelines permit it. 

Deborah can be contacted via her website www.thespiritwithin.co.uk