One year on from launching book, Waterlooville author and entrepreneur celebrates success with thousands of copies sold worldwide

A YEAR after launching his book, a social media influencer and entrepreneur is celebrating the success he has had both with the book and in business. 

Daniel Disney launched The Million Pound LinkedIn Message in 2019 to help business owners to utilise the platform to boost sales. 

It became an instant hit with the book becoming number-one best-selling title in less than 24 hours with 4,000 copies sold in 12 countries and over 100 positive reviews on Amazon.

The book shares the story of how the Hambledon entrepreneur used one LinkedIn message to create a sales opportunity worth over £1m. 

It helps salespeople and businesses learn how to send authentic conversation-starting messages and avoid the generic sales pitches, with 25 LinkedIn sales message templates included.

He has also seen more sales throughout both lockdown periods, with a 2781% increase in LinkedIn engagement during 2020 and a 2196% increase in articles being written, according to the platform.

Daniel said: ‘I wrote the book because I wanted to show people how you can use LinkedIn to actually make money and to avoid generic, tacky sales pitches that, let’s be honest, actually put people off buying. It’s a massive tool to be utilised that worked so well for me so I wanted to share that with others. 

‘It’s amazing to see such success for the book in its first year and knowing that it could be helping people secure leads and make sales is even better given the current situation we’re in.’

The 33-year-old has an impressive history of success in sales, having led sales teams as big as 300+ and worked with companies across the world, including Amazon, Salesforce, Canon, Cambro, as well as local companies such as Novatech and Gemma Lighting. 

Craig Manuel, managing director at Gemma Lighting said: ‘The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message is a fantastically useful book for anyone in sales to read. It has given us all new ideas in our approach to selling and how to present ourselves on LinkedIn. Easy and precise to read, it is motivational and full of great advice and simple, effective strategies and templates.’

He launched The Daily Sales, a community of salespeople based around relatable and useful content while working full time as a Sales Director. 

After growing it during his evenings and weekends he was able to take it on full-time in January 2018. 

It has now grown to have over 635,000 LinkedIn followers, customers all over the world and is growing by over 8,000 new followers each month with a monthly reach of over 10 million.

Daniel trains salespeople, sales teams and business owners how to sell on social media and is now viewed as one of the world’s leading experts, as well as being regarded the number one most influential sales expert on LinkedIn for three years running.