New glass collection scheme will crack down on overflowing bottle banks over Christmas period

HOUSEHOLDS across the area will no longer have to face long queues for overflowing bottle banks thanks to a recycling company’s new scheme to crack down on the annual chaos. 

Glass recycling company, Just Glass UK, has launched a scheme that allows households throughout Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport and the surrounding areas to have all of their Christmas glass collected from their doorsteps, in a bid to end overflowing bottle banks while saving people time and effort with their recycling.

The firm has expanded on its standard scheme which provides households with a container to fill each month and has launched a Christmas Collection Scheme that allows people to have an unlimited amount of domestic glass collected.

Households can sign up via their website for an unlimited glass collection for a one off payment of £25, while existing customers can bolt it on to their monthly subscription for an additional one off £10 charge. 

Co-founder, Ollie Oakley said: ‘The amount of glass waste that households produce typically increases by up to 60% over the Christmas and New Year period. The bottle banks are overwhelmed annually and residents across the region regularly take to social media to complain of overflowing glass waste. As a result a lot of people return home with their bottles rather than disposing of them. This leads to multiple visits, so it takes up a lot of time, in some cases the easier solution is simply the general waste bin at home where it finds its way to landfill.

You also have the issue of broken glass. A lot of our bottle banks are in areas with wildlife that can easily be injured if there is broken glass across the floor. It’s an issue year after year, so we thought we’d do our bit to combat the environmental and practical issues.’

Ollie, from Gosport, along with his business partner and friend, Owen Horsley, from Fareham, launched the company in April to crack down on glass waste and raise awareness of how recyclable glass is. 

Ollie said: ‘It’s one of the very few materials that can be recycled endlessly and the energy saved from recycling a single glass bottle is enough to power a laptop for thirty minutes.’

The duo’s customer base is growing month on month with more and more households subscribing to have their glass recycled by the team, who take it to a local recycling centre where it is then distributed to glass recycling facilities across the UK to be melted down and turned into new glass-based products.  

They started with just one single customer in Gosport but now recycle over 2.5 tonnes of glass every month.

The pair have also employed their first member of staff and plan to create even more employment opportunities throughout the area. 

People can sign up to the scheme at