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hopes hub.

what you will get in the group.

All members will have access to the resources that I upload in the private Facebook group. You will be invited to join the group and only you will be granted access to everything in there (please don’t share it elsewhere, I’ve spent so long on all of this and it’d be such a shame for that to go to waste). 

Some of these resources include: 


Members who are part of the Blush package will get access to all of the resources in the Facebook group and the community within, to get advice and second opinions from like-minded business people and expand your network. They will also have exclusive access to online training workshops which will take place over Zoom and will cover all topics within PR to give you the tools to start successful PR campaigns. 



Members who are part of the Candy package will get access to everything within the Blush package, but will also be able to book a 30-minute monthly call with myself to ask anything about PR that they’d like to know. You can ask me anything – what should I write a press release about? How do I respond to news that is affecting my industry? Can you help me word this headline? What do you think of this press release I’ve written? Anything you have to ask, I’ll be there.



Members who are part of the Fuschia package will get access to everything within the Blush and Candy packages, but will also get access to all online training workshops and re-runs included in the price.


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Members will also, of course, be part of a community of people who are in similar positions as them. It’s a great chance to meet fellow business owners, however similar or different your businesses are. You’ll be able to grow your network even more within this group. 

Only people who are members of the group (regardless of which package) can access the online training workshops. These will be at an extra cost, but the idea is that everyone is held accountable by their fellow members, which then gives them more motivation to put what they’ve learnt into practice. 

I don’t want to put too many rules in place against sales pitches, but the group isn’t for selling – it’s for learning and levelling-up. Feel free to introduce yourself and your business to other members upon joining, but please don’t use it to give cold sales pitches. One of the fundamentals of public relations is organic promoting and marketing, so let’s stick to that within the group too! 

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Payments are taken via a direct debit set up through GoCardless. Payment is taken monthly on the 1st of each month and the membership lasts 12 months from the month you signed up.
If you’d like to join, enter your name and email address to register your interest and I’ll get you signed up ASAP.